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    Accounting is an extensive and systematic report keeping of the financial transactions of a business. Each day these transaction record is kept so that the firm can live with a faithful transaction which can be depicted to the tax collecting department and shareholders. This will give the correct financial information of the company to the shareholder’s so that they can arrive at an apt decision regarding the business.

    An objective evaluation and examination of the financial transaction taking place in an organization. This evaluation is performed in order to ensure that the financial transaction’s recording is kept securely so that it can be produced as an evidence for the expenditure or returns of the business enterprise. This is done either by the employees entrusted with this duty or by an organization entrusted with this duty. After auditing, the weak areas are specified so that it can be improvised so as to make the weak area strong enough to stand with the competency. Non- financial areas are submitted for auditing. This is also strengthened after spotting the weak areas.

    Using computer systems for transferring information from one place or person to another place or person is termed by e-filing. This makes the user complete the process electronically and put forward the information within a time frame, from the place where he is. When filing the form it should be done without any mistakes. Even minute mistakes will be taken into account and the user will be made alert. Now, companies make use of e-filing for making the tax payment.

    In all the above- mentioned activities performed in a business, it is essential that it need to be done accurately with no mistakes. So seeking an outside assistance for doing these activities are fair. GDCS India is with expert and qualified personalities to carry out these activities very accurately making everyday business in a comfort zone. The experience and the knowledge make the team with us comfortable to handle any issues regarding accounting, auditing, and e-filing. When all these are perfect, then complexities will never encroach in running a business smoothly.