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    To run a business or else to incorporate a business firm in India lot of legal aspects has to be observed by the entrepreneur. At times, the laws and regulations may vary according to the business or the number of employees employed, or the location of the business.

    Various legal services are made available to the entrepreneurs approaching GDCS India. We focus mainly on avoiding the hassles in the preparation of the documents and other processes in running or incorporation of business. In each stratum of the business, legal service is a must, so make it available as and when in need. GDCS India is promising enterprise involved in providing apt legal service approaching us at the apt time.

    • 1. Legal documentation service :

    • Preparation, registration, Partnerships, LLP’s, formation, incorporation of the firms, JVs, outlining appointment letters, service agreements, transfer of projects, resignation, any settlement of issues with employees come under this. We make the preparation, registration and thereby grab the sanction for the documents from the concerned authorities.

    • 2. Indian company law :

    • GDCS India regulates all activities to be performed by the entrepreneur for incorporating his business in India aligning with the rules and regulations of company law. We vet each and every move and confirm that all takes place rightly.

    • 3. Cyber law service :

    • The Indian Information Technology Act was passed in 2000. All the companies functioning in India and using cyber involvement have to abide by the cyber law. GDCS India makes our client aware of the significance of cyber laws and the need to get the company registered under this act. We do it for our clients.

    • 4. Environmental legal service :

    • For incorporating a business in India, it needs to be registered under the Environmental Law so as to avoid any harmful treatment of the company to the environment in which it is functioning. We make sure this takes place with no hindrance.

    • 5. Business arbitration services :

    • The Arbitrary and Conciliation Act 1996, along with the minimum interference of the court plays a vital role in the speedy disposal of the arbitrary disputes and make the running of the business successful. We make the clients approaching us aware of the importance of complying with these rules in running a business.

    • 6. Consumer protection service :

    • With the globalization of the industrial world, the need of consumer protection laws is strengthened to protect the rights of the consumers. The entrepreneurs take the initiative to protect their consumers by abiding with the consumer laws.

    • 7. India IT, legal service :

    • With the enactment of company law 2013, the rules relating to the corporate social responsibility arise. Our duty is to inform the entrepreneurs coming to us of this act, its significance and the benefit of abiding by it.

    • 8. Legal service related to tax :

    • The Indian taxation scheme is well developed that it needs no amendment in the near future. For the incorporation of a business in India and for its running the employer of the business needs to pay tax on various accounts to the government. This is clearly depicted in the act. GDCS India goes by right path and makes sure all our clients observe the same.

    • 9. Accounting, auditing, and e-filling legal services :

    • GDCS India is very successful in dealing with accounting, auditing, and e-filling services.

    • 10. Legal services related to the processing and outsourcing :

    • For outsourcing the business process and thus expand the business the cyber laws is to be observed by the entrepreneur. We support the outsourcing of business for its expansion and do this for the clients demanding it legitimately.

    • 11. Legal service relating to the technology :

    • GDCS India is with an expert team of techno legal experts dealing with all types of projects handling with technology.

    • 12. Legal services related to labour :

    • Legal services to the employees, contractors, employers and the clients dealing with any business firm need to observe the rules and regulations of Employment and Labour Relations act, 2004. This legal service is also offered by an expert team with GDCS India.

    • 13. Patent right and copyright legal service :

    • Experts in the field of Indian patent law, Copyright Law, and Intellectual Property Rights are employed by GDCS India for dealing with any issues in the above- mentioned podium.

    • 14. Indian banking, legal service :

    • We possess the skilled expertise to deal with all money transactions in a business lawfully.

    • The registration of land, a registered office of the business, these all come under our full control to be performed with essential documents and moving forward abiding by the laws.