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    For incorporating a company in India it needs to be registered under the EMPLOYMENT AND LABOUR RELATIONS ACT, 2004. The law pertaining to the employment and labor are included vaguely in the ‘Industrial Laws’. Indian labor and employment act took its origin from this act. The type of employees in India is categorized into three one coming under employees of corporate bodies under the control of the government, government employees, and private employees. The registration of the business under this law is made obligatory to protect and harmonize the relationship between employee and employer, employees and the government, and to ensure the protection of the employees. The aim of this Act is to assure the protection of children by striking off the invalid child employment, ensuring the protection for the women workers in their workplace and also to make sure the concern for their leave aspects.

    To make sure the smooth running of the business, child labor, forced labor, discrimination of any type, unfair termination of labor, are avoided under the law of Employment and Labor Relations Act. GDCS India take the registration of the company under this act. This is done to ensure the protection of labors under any situation and to ensure the organization of the employees under any situations. We care for the employees than the employer as the promising employees take the business to success. When they are committed to their work, protection in the workplace is naturally their right. So GDCS India is highly involved in the labor registration under Employment and Labour Relations Act, 2004. We make sure the laborers have the right to organize themselves and engage in lawful strikes to get their lawful rights established.

    Through this registration GDCS India ensures employment standards in all aspects. An entrepreneur must assure a serene work environment for the employees with them. We make the entrepreneurs aware of the rights of each employee working with him as well his rights as an employer.