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    From the idea of establishing a business, starts the legal demand for the services for the incorporation of a company and running a company, whether it be a public company or corporate company under the guidance of the government or private company. A business should be started in India, according to the rules and regulations of Company Act of India 1956, now Company Act of India 2015. Company Act 2015 is same as the Company Act 1956 but with certain amendments in it according to the time requirement.

    GDCS India takes up the work of preparing the legal documents as well other documents essential for the incorporation of the company. We get the approval of the legal authorities as specified by the legal Acts. In incorporating the required authorities for the company, we go deep into each law and sections provided for the running and incorporation of the company. Each and every work is done legally so that no dilemma will occur for the entrepreneur or employees in the future.

    There are several independent acts according to which a business needs to be registered. GDSC India is in expert hands who are aware of all the provisions of legal requirements for the incorporation or running of a company smoothly doing away with all the hassles. With the time the laws and regulations also undergo necessary changes. There are a variety of minute things to be considered in the running of the business or for the incorporation of a business smoothly.

    It is the goal of the GDCS India, to see that the entrepreneurs and the lawyers with us work in an informal scenario in all activities. We consider that only when our actions align with the terms and conditions of the clientele, the success will approach us with ease. When working for an established firm, we focus on providing a good expert legal hand for them to deal with their legal issues and who can provide them with a satisfactory solution. For a start- up firm, we take it as a responsibility to focus on big as well the small dealings properly benefiting the company.