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    GDCS India mainly focus on making the business as a turnkey project for the entrepreneur. We do all the work of the business and the left behind comes to about just turning a key. By turning a key we mean that only minimal work will be left behind.

    For a project to come up as a business, first an idea should bloom. Then, all the needed activities and things are to be produced by the entrepreneur. He should study the clients or market and work according to it. Only then will the business be a success. We renovate a project before us as a turnkey project. We set up the business as a project ready for immediate operation. Here the client agrees to plan, create and outfit the business with all arrangements, making it fully arranged for operation. Here a contract is made between the client and the contractor. We take up the role of the contractor. After analyzing the ideas and requirements of the client, we formulate a plan and work the business according to this. Subsequent to the successful operation of the business, it is handed over to the owner, who just has to operate it. We have very expertise, hands with a skillful and vibrant approach to each aspect of the business. Their foresightedness has made the business updated forever. Even if the changes need to be made, it will be minimal and easy. This makes most of the entrepreneurs go for the turnkey project for their business.

    There will be a project manager. It is he who plans the project, for which, he makes a detailed study of the business and describes the activities to be done for running the business. On the identification of the business activities, the project manager arrange it in order. He also finds the resources needed to complete the project. He implements the project, according to the plan framed and make a regular evaluation of the progress of the project. In case of the necessity of some change for a better performance of the project, it is implemented with utmost care and effectiveness. Thus, time, quality and budget are saved for the entrepreneur.