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    Bookkeeping is the organization and recording of the monetary transaction of a business systematically. Bookkeeping is analogous to accounting or we can say that bookkeeping is the part of accounting services of a business. Now the world has entered a digital chart. In this digital scenario, the speed of bookkeeping is keeping up with the speed of the computer. Doing bookkeeping in a company will make your operational aspect of the business safe.

    Part time bookkeeping is doing the bookkeeping work partially. GDCS India does the part time bookkeeping work of your business accurately and on time doing away with all confusions in financial transactions. We keep up the daily financial transactions of your business as a record and in an organized manner. We make sure that even the individual financial dealings are kept on record so that no compromise is done in the financial aspects of the business.

    Our service in this podium covers the following services :

    Bank Reconciliation : in order to rule out any disparities in the recording of financial transaction of business, we rectify the internal recordings with the bank records. This enables the accuracy of the financial recordings of your business.

    Managing the cash flow : this is done to assure the cash when in need. This is very crucial, for the smooth running of the business.

    Loss and profit statements : this report the annual or monthly earnings of the business. This statement is backed up by the significant expenses and income provoked to generate the earnings.

    Analysis and report of monetary aspect of the business: by this process, key data regarding the financial aspect of your business is revealed.

    Receivable and payable accounts : we keep an accurate record of the amount that is due from the customers to the company and the money the company has to pay the customers.

    Credit control : GDCS India helps the entrepreneur by making schemes for the granting credit to the customers, before doing so an analysis of the customer is done, the application, amassing and the pursuing details are recorded.

    Budgeting: for anticipating your affordability range to meet specific expenses, your expenditure and income are forecasted in advance. This is done with more accuracy.

    Troubleshooting : anticipating the troubles, the present accounting system is studied well and weak areas in your accounting system are spotted and steps are made for improving the weakness. GDCS India makes this certainly as this is very significant to avoid any foreseen danger.

    GDCS taking control of the stock system of your business : when GDCS India takes control of the bookkeeping of your business, molds arrangements for tracking the stock of your business and in case the stock is running low, automatically order for the stocks are made with the new set up made by us.

    Each monthly statement concerning the financial aspects of your business is forwarded to the customers.

    Purchase invoice is always updated and ensures that it runs with the customer declarations.

    With all these above- mentioned activities GDCS India accurately maintains the bookkeeping of the business perfect and make the financial dealings of your business safe and vibrant.