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    The trademark is the symbol or sign or logo indicating the touch of a specific entrepreneur or organization conveying the information that the services and products belong to a specific group. There are specific laws and regulations relating to the trademark in India provided in the Trademark Act, 1999. For the running of a business successfully in India, trademark registration is essential.

    The GDCS India takes the responsibility to put forward the application for the registration of a trademark for a business and get it done. While choosing a trademark for a business the entrepreneur should focus on specific matters like to ward off laudatory words, making it short, unique and should not possess any similarity with any other trademarks and is easy to remember, pronounce or similar. The expertise team is with GDCS India who takes this work and will come out with meaningful, unique, simple trademark, doing away with laudatory words. In India, the registration of the trademark of a business is not mandatory. But, it is always advisable to have it registered, as the registration presents the business with benefits.

    If the trademark of a company is registered, its products or services will easily be identified by the customers. Protects the commercial good will of the entrepreneur. Consumers are preserved from being cheated with duplicate products or services. The trademark itself is a good Ad for the business. Applying for the trademark registration of a business with different products and services only a single application is required to be submitted to the registrar. But the fee for each class of goods and services coming from the business need to be paid. Obviously, trademark registration ensures a company’s intellectual property protection scheme. On not registering a trademark for the business it has to comply with the geographic rules and regulations where it operates its business.

    A business owner with registered trademark can easily obtain the international trademark for his business in foreign countries. The trademark registering application leaves a legal sanction to use the logo. After the registration, the trademark can never be used by others. Among the potential consumers, holding a registered trademark makes your product or services branded. This expands the business easily.

    To get a trademark registration hire GDCS India, who will get it done through the years of experience with us. We will never let you into any legal issues nationally or internationally because your business has a registered trademark. We will make your trademark registering application service easily done legitimately. We are with legally recognized experts who can do this for the clients approaching us for this purpose. Due to the experience in this field, they know well about the documents needed for registering the trademark of the business, classification of trademark, searching trademark, and filling the application. So we can get it done within prescribed time and avoid any delay.