• Angel and VC funding

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    Angel investors are individual investors who may be professionals or a previous entrepreneur and makes an early investment on your idea of business rather than on your business. They provides with the start up capital in hopeful ventures. The angel investors stand with the entrepreneurs in starting processes of the business with contacts and advices. They display a single man’s role in developing the business ventures significantly. GDCS India take up the role of Angel funding in a bright endeavor.

    GDCS India is with experts with excellent proficiency of handling the angel role in a business start up. We look for: the integrity, passion, commitment and quality of the organizers, like to have a know how of a clear and a good business plan and try to have a close adherence to the plan, care for the marketing scope of the business and its potential to develop in the next future. GDCS India will advise the entrepreneur to go for innovative technologies. We go for additional funding if the progress of the business is evident.

    GDCS India also does the VC funding for the business to make it practical. Venture Capital is a big monetary investments handled by professional investors. This VC funding is like a seed capital for the business entrepreneurs. This can be utilized for market analysis, AD processes of the services or products of your business, do the research on the way to reach the targeted audience, and the mode of expanding the business.

    Through angel and venture capital funding, we focus on backing the business operations of an entrepreneur from the initial stage for the establishment of business. Once the foundation is laid strong, the room for expansion of business is widely opened for the company. It is the investment made in this stage that is more important as it push the products or services amongst the audience and take a space in their choice. This serves as the fuel for the expansion of the business to the new markets. We study the market and the targeted audience well and make the funding needed for the expansion of the new markets.

    One of the most beneficial feature of the venture capital in a business is that the VC funding authorities could reap unique returns with low risk. GDCS India performs as both angel and venture capitalists of the new business, helping the new owners take up the role of entrepreneurs lending them a hand in the financial podium as a start up helpers.

    GDCS India do the angel and VC funding after an apt study of the business. We foresee he potentialities awaiting the business and guide it in such a way that all the competencies of the business are utilized fruitfully. The brilliant expertise with us see this as a platform for investing the knowledge they gained from the experience. This really mold the business as an expert field of endowing knowledge and capital and guiding a new entrepreneur to be a successful person in his niche.