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    With rapid advancements in information technology and the average business’ simultaneous awareness towards digital visibility, digital marketing now has a crucial role amongst others in an enterprise marketing strategy. Digital marketing no-doubt requires skills and has found to be a niche training arena on its own. Digital Guru undertakes all activities and proffers infallible services outlined under the wide umbrella of digital marketing.

    SEO: SEO or Search Engine Optimization is one of the leading forms of digital marketing. Working only on live websites, the goal of SEO is to achieve organic rankings amongst popular search engines such as GOOGLE. There are over a billion websites live in the world as of today. Without Professional Search Engine Optimization it is highly unlikely that a company’s website will even be perceived. SEO presents itself as the perfect tool to push website rankings up in the myriad listings thrown out by search engines and enables businesses to gain visibility facilitating potential customer enquiries.

    Social Media Marketing: An essential part of today’s competitive world, being socially present amongst acquaintances constantly improves brand remembrance and discovery. Social media is one of the most powerful tools yet developed and comes with many advantages for businesses that can make their presence felt 24/7. The company gains enough traffic and attention through social media. There is a strong relationship between search and social media marketing – when social media feeds new discoveries and news, links are built by SEO teams to support functionality and appear in SERPs.

    Email marketing: The idea of email marketing is to knock on the doors of potentials that marketing-conscious companies find hard to reach. It helps capture such contacts and convert them into prospective customers. The tool is extremely useful in constantly reminding the potentials about the products and services offered by the company.

    Ecommerce Solutions: Customers now are more digitally sound than they were even as early as 5 years ago. E-commerce web solutions and online trading are essential aspects of marketing solutions especially when multiple products and services are involved. Designing an e-commerce website can be complex but at the same time the best, most economical and reliable source of barter.