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    To run a business in India, as per the companies act 2013, it's mandatory that the company is to be registered in accordance with the rules and regulations of the Companies Act. Now let’s have a note of the steps, in which GDCS India offers services in registering a company in India:

    • Obtain DIN or Director’s Identification number for each director of the company

    • Get DSC or Director Signature Certificate for the directors.

    • Get the name of the company approved by the government registrar.

    • The Minimum number of directors is 2 and 7 for private and public companies respectively

    • Prepare the Article of Association and Memorandum of Association.

    • The Document of Association and the Article of Association are to be filed. Apart from this, other essential forms for the business incorporation need to be filed

    • After the submission of the required forms and documents before the valid authority, the certificate of incorporation needs to be incurred.

    • In instances, to commence the business certificate may be required. In such cases, commence the business after producing the certificate of operation

    • The Company seal is required.

    • A permanent account number for the company is to be acquired from an authorized agent allotted by Unit Trust of India or National Securities Depository Services Limited.

    • Like PAN, a tax account number for the company is to be secured from recognized authorities.

    • Do the registration as per the Shops and Establishment Act.

    • For paying profession tax, registration is to be conducted.

    • Before the sales tax officer for the value added service, registration need to be obtained.

    • Registration is to be made by the employees’ provident funding organization and ESIC.

    • Obtaining approval of the NRI’S, RBI, and for the aliens, FIPBS is a must.

    As per the new companies Act 2013 after the amendments certain specifications are made mandatory. To incorporate a company in India, it is to have a director who resided in India for 182 days or more or is a resident of India. To do the business in India, the company has to pursue their financial year from 1st of April to 31st of March. Any to and fro communication of the company is to be carried out digitally or in a paper with the full name of the company, its registered address, the corporate identity number, Fax number, Telephone number, email id and web address. Memorandum of Association and the Article of Association is to be noted in the first general meeting of the directors of the company. On request, the shareholders also get the opportunity to look into these documents.

    In Public company:
    The public companies can appoint an individual auditor for a time span of 5 years. In public companies apart from the individual auditor, a group of auditors can be appointed for a term of 10 years. A public company with 100 Crores as paid up capital or 300 Crores as turnover should at least have a single woman director.

    These are the general steps to be followed for the incorporation of the company in India. GDCS India takes the responsibilities of each step of incorporation of a company, whether it be a private or public or unlimited company or partnership, or sole proprietorship, limited liability company, and subsidiary company and get it done within a time span, with quality and validity.