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    GGDCS India holds a reputation of reliability and customer service with exceptional expertise and knowledge in payroll solutions. With very few competitors to match our ability, we at GDCS India provide efficient data integration, analytics and payroll services to companies globally. Our combination of knowledge and experience helps us provide our clients with the best of payroll services. A new business can be complex and can pose a multitude of problems that need progressive solutions. There are several factors that have to be taken into consideration such as matching payroll processes in accordance to government requirements, reliability of the payroll process currently present in the company, identifying legal compliances, analyzing financial risks, providing a complete insight into payroll investment options, feasibility of extending broadened payroll options to employees, and integrating strategic initiatives without missing out on business opportunities. These factors are not inclusive of actual outgoings that are incurred in the process. And then there are larger issues such as collating a consolidated picture of the workforce data, performing accurate analyses to facilitate crucial business decisions and making improvements across the company on the basis of efficient payroll management systems along with human capital management. GDCS India provides powerful solutions for the payroll process:

    • Integration of payroll between existing and new and expansive business prospects

    • On-time employee payments with convenience

    • Consistency in payroll administration

    • Report generation and MIS made easy

    • Find discrepancies in current payroll systems and achieve correction and integration of such disparate systems

    • Compliance with laws and regulations

    • Minimize risk of exposure through payroll tax withholding

    With high levels of service and our exquisite knowledge of in-country procedures, we design customized solutions that have consistently benefited our clients with smooth inception and on-going operations. We are a world-class company that facilitate enterprise expansion plans and help companies realize their full potential. Employment tax compliance and its related challenges are tackled by us with ease. All country-specific implications are met by us in a professional, timely and efficient manner and within the jurisdiction of operations. We serve all organizational sizes be it a small company making first investments into the market or a multinational that would require our region-specific industry experience to review prospects of the investments. GDCS India reviews current business structures to make genuine recommendations to enhance operational efficiency. Expert opinions and solutions are provided about legislative payroll requirements along with compliance to employment tax obligations. Our payroll and audit team provides our clients with practical advice on employment related issues. With prudent policy and procedural reviews we help achieve best practices for in-house payroll schemes. Workforce adherence to social and security norms and related calculations are performed to fortify acceptance to the existing laws and regulations. GDCS India provides solutions to irregularities within the payroll process by influencing corrective actions towards late payments to third parties and employees, lack of transparency in banking transactions, insufficient reconciliation processes, and difficulty in tracking payments. We offer cost-effective, comprehensive and flexible solutions to our customers across the industries.