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    For incorporating a company in India, lots of procedures are to be performed according to the rules provided in the Companies Act 2013. In practice, complying with each of these rules and moving in accordance with it is a tiresome process. We offer services to help the entrepreneurs to start up a company in India with no much trouble. Our services touch each step of incorporation of the company in India.

    Our incorporation support services are provided in the following steps :

    • Basic perspectives for the incorporation of the company within a particular time span
    • Company Directors
    • Shareholders
    • Information needed for the creation of the company
    • Documents needed for it
    • Office registration

    1. Basic perspectives: Each director is in need of DIN. DIN is the director’s identification number. We offer trustworthy service in helping the entrepreneurs to get the DIN. Next is the digital signature certificate or DSC of the directors, shareholders, financial authorities, and all the authorities of the company can never be ignored. The DSC needs to be approved by the authorized authorities of the government. The DSC, do has the same validity as the signature put in by the person. It has to be renewed at regular intervals. Registration of the name of the company is another service we do. Either we go to the registration of a new name of the company on the director’s permit or else we will go for advance booking of the name of the company, that too only if the director suggests it.
    After a thorough study of the business lining up with the director’s idea, we do the work of drafting Article of Association and Memorandum of Association of the company. We do the service of filling of various forms needed for the incorporation of the company. We seek the involvement of the directors of the business to know if any correction is needed before submitting those forms for approval. We also do the works of getting the concluding incorporation certificate.

    2. Company Directors: For private and public companies the number of directors varies. We have expertise in this field who can help the business owners to decide the directors with apt advice. We also help the owners to decide the directors by looking into the financial aspects, skills, and talents of the people they suggest. We collect the apt and full details about each director of the company.

    3. Shareholders: We take up the work of getting good and varied shareholders for the company and do the works of selling the shares of the company. Like the directors, we gather full information regarding the shareholders.

    4. Information needed for setting the company: After understanding the business from its root, we collect information relating to the financial aspects, marketing strategy, and the ways to maintain the quality of the products.

    5. Documents in need: Documents providing full details about the directors of the business, details about the shareholders, documents providing accurate data concerning land for a registered office of the company, documents regarding the financial aspects of the business etc. we take the responsibility of collecting the documents in need of incorporating a company.

    6. Business location: We help in deciding the business registered office location as it is of prime importance. A prime location gives the clients of your business to feel confident in you and will make you easily accessible.

    Along with other specific services aligning with odd business, generally, the above mentioned are the common services we offer.